Hakko Fume Extraction

Importance of Fume Extraction

Most solder contains flux, which vaporizes during the soldering process, creating fumes. Flux fumes are also known as Colophony and they contain harmful chemicals such as Methane, Carbon Dioxide and more. These chemicals are harmful to humans especially over long periods of exposure,  causing cancer and other respiratory issues.

As such, it is important to solder in open spaces or well-ventilated areas, such as near a window. To support safe soldering practices, Hakko Products has the FA-430 Fume Extraction System and FA-400 Smoke Absorber to protect users from those harmful flux fumes. 

Hakko FA-430 Fume Extractor

Hakko FA-400 Smoke Absorber

3-layer filtration system that absorbs soldering fumes and pumps out clean air.


  • High performance in filtering
  • Quiet and powerful suction
  • 3 types of airflow adjustments to choose from 

Learn more about FA-430 features!

Single fan that absorbs soldering fumes through the filter and blows them away from the work area.


  • Can be mounted vertically/horizontally/with a stand
  • Takes up lesser space on workbench
  • Replaceable filters 

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