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FX-601 Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron (230V-240V)

FX-601 Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron (230V-240V)

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Soldering Iron, Lock Key B3707, Tip T19-B

Shop compatible tips T19 for FX-601

  • Maximum temperature 540ºC
  • Optimal for soldering work where a high amount of heat is required.
  • Equipped with a newly designed tip which has a high thermal capacity
  • Suitable to solder chassis, large connector, transformer, etc. which requires a large amount of heat
Packing List
 Packing List  Part No.
Unit -
Lock Key B3707
Standard Tip T19-B

Superior heat conductivity
T19 series soldering tips feature an redesigned appearance and internal structure that deliver improved heat conductivity. Use these soldering tips to achieve great heat recovery without increasing power consumption.

Compact and light weight
FX-601 has excellent heat recovery but is compact, light weight and well-balanced
Comparing with conventional heavy duty irons, FX-601 is easy and simple to handle.

Adjust the temperature easily with the control knob
Features a temperature controller built into the grip.
Easily adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob.

Easy Conversion
Change parts to convert your FX-601 into a FX-600 that's optimal for soldering electronic parts! Reduce costs by converting to either model using interchangeable parts (Tip enclosure/Nut/Soldering Tip).

Hakko FX-601 Soldering iron Temperature adjustable Control manual knob

Model No. FX-601
Power Consumption AC230V - 46W
Power Consumption AC240V - 50W
Temperature Range 240 to 540ºC
Temperature Stability ±1ºC at idle temperature
Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential  <2mV
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Total Length 237mm (with 2B tip), excludes cord
Weight 68g (with 2B tip), excludes cord
Soldering Tips
T19 Series
Shape BC/C T19-C3 Shape-3C, T19-C4 Shape-4C, T19-C65 Shape-6.5C
Shape B T19-B Shape-B, T19-B2 Shape-2B
Shape D T19-D24 Shape-2.4D, T19-D32 Shape-3.2D, T19-D5 Shape-5D, T19-D65 Shape-6.5D
Shape I T19-I Shape-I
Replacement Parts
Part Number Product Name
A1601 Heating Element, 220-240V
B3707 Lock Key
B3694 Knob with Screw
B3720 Enclosure Pipe with Nut
B3706 Fixing Pipe

Optional Parts

Part Number Product Name
B3730 Nut and Enclosure Pipe* to convert FX-601 to FX-600
FH300-81 Iron Holder with Cleaning Sponge
633-01 Iron Holder with 599B
633-02 Iron Holder with Cleaning Sponge
605M Hakko 605 Iron Cover (m). Heat and Fire Resistant.

Soldering Tips:
T19 Series

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