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FH300-81 Holder

FH300-81 Holder

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Soldering iron stand / holder with tip cleaning sponge for HAKKO FX-600/FX-601, FX-650, PRESTO, MACH and DASH soldering irons.



The HAKKO FH-300 soldering iron holder is a direct replacement for the older HAKKO 606 and 609 holders.

The new design features a weighted stable base that can accommodate the standard cleaning sponge or optional HAKKO 599B tip cleaner.

Use with the Hakko N454 (DASH), 918, 922 (MACH) 933, 944, FX-600/FX-601, PRESTO, MACH, DASH, FX-650. Standard cleaning sponge • Metal base

Packing List
  1. FH-300 Base
  2. FH-300 Holder
  3. A1519 Cleaning Sponge

Model. FH-300

Part Number: FH300-81

Composite Irons: PRESTO, FX-600/FX-601, FX-650, MACH, DASH

Weight: 0.5 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 85 x 137 x 140 mm

Weight (w/o cord): 1kg

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