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FX-801 Soldering Station [Discontinued]

FX-801 Soldering Station [Discontinued]

Discontinued (YYYY/MM): 2022/07
Replaced by: FX-805

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  • Heavy Duty Soldering Station.
  • Super power with 300 W heater.
  • Best used for soldering P.W.B with high heat capacity and high heat dissipation property.
  • Large LED display enables viewing and operation.
  • 230V, 3Core plug.
  • Please choose the recommended tips for FX-8002 Soldering Iron or FX-8003 Nitrogen Soldering Iron.
  • Connectable with N2 soldering iron (FX-8003) and N2 system

    FX-801 can provide tremendous heating performance with super power 300 W composite heater.

    Light weight handpiece -approx. 50 g

    • Light weight handpiece provides good workability and reduces burden in hand soldering.

    Large LED display

    • An LED display roughly double the size of a previous model is very easy to see.

    Preset mode

    • Up to 6 settings can be preset and easily called up by Up/Down buttons.
    • This is a convenient function to change set temperature quickly.

    Password function

    • Settings can be locked from unnecessary changes by password function.
    • Strict temperature control is possible.

    Auto Sleep/Auto Shut-off function

    • The function automatically drops tips temperature or turns off heater just by placing a handpiece in the holder.
    • This minimizes oxidation and thermal stress to soldering tip.

    Handles on unit body

    • Handles on unit body make it easy to carry.

    A wide variety of tip shapes

    • In addition to regular type tips, now slim type tips are added to the tip line-up to cover a wide range of applications. The composite tip, tip integrated with composite heater, makes tip replacement very easy.

    Compatible with N2 System (Option)

    • Replacing an iron part (FX-8002) with an optional N2 iron part (FX-8003), it enables use of N2 system.

    Model No.: FX-801

    • Power consumption: 300W
    • Temperature range: 50 to 500ºC
    • Temperature stability: ±5ºC at idle temperature


    • Output voltage: AC 29V
    • Dimensions: 145(W)×107(H)×211(D)mm
    • Weight: 3.9kg

    Soldering Iron

    • Power consumption: 260W (29V)
    • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
    • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
    • Heating element: Composite heater
    • Cord length: 1.2m
    • Total length: 228mm (with 4BC tip)
    • Weight: 50g (with 4BC tip)
    • * Total length and weight (w/o cord)
    Packing List
    1. Station
    2. Handpiece (FX-8002)
    3. Heat resistant pad
    4. Power cord
    5. Connecting cable
    6. Iron holder (with cleaning wire)
    7. Instruction manual

    Soldering Tip

    For the HAKKO FX-8002 and FX-8003, soldering iron tips are not supplied as accessories.
    Please purchase T33 Series soldering iron tip separately.

    T33 Series: Regular Type

    T33 Series: Regular Type
    T33 Series: Slim Type
    T33 Series: Slim Type
     T33 Regular
    Shape BC/C
    • T33-BC2
    • T33-BC3
    • T33-BC4
    • T33-BC5
    • T33-BC6
    Shape D
    • T33-D24
    • T33-D32
    • T33-D5
    • T33-D6
    Shape Concave
    • T33-1610
    • T33-1611
    T33 Slim
    Shape BC/C
    • T33-SSBC2
    • T33-SSBC3
    • T33-SSBC4
    • T33-SSBC5
    Shape D
    • T33-SSD24
    • T33-SSD32
    • T33-SSD16
    • T33-SSD6
    Shape Concave
    • T33-SS1610
    • T33-SS1611
    Replacement Parts




    Soldering iron FX-8002


    Iron holder <w/ cleaning wire>


    Heat resistant pad


    Connecting cable


    HAKKO 599B tip cleaner

    Optional Parts

    Part No.



    Soldering iron FX-8003


    Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge>


    Cleaning sponge
    * The replacement for A1536.


    Cleaning sponge
    * Discontinued. The replacement is "A1519".

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