Hakko Induction Soldering Irons

What is Induction Heating?

Induction heating uses alternating current to transfer heat and electricity through an induction coil which creates "eddy currents". These eddy currents flow through the resistance of the soldering tip material, heating up the tip. 

Induction heating is more efficient than ceramic heating and traditional wire. An induction heated soldering iron with a lower wattage can perform better than other conventional soldering irons. 

Hakko implemented the induction heating technology into some of our soldering irons and hot tweezer. Check them out below!

Hakko Induction Heating Soldering Iron

FX-1001 Soldering Iron

FX-1002 Micro Soldering Iron

FX-1003 Micro Hot Tweezer

Tips Curie Points

Curie point is the temperature threshold for each soldering tip. Tips with curie point will have a specific temperature where the soldering iron will immediately heat up to once it turns on. 

For induction heating soldering irons, it is important to purchase the tips according to the temperature used. 

Tip Temperature Soldering Iron/Tips
350°C FX-1001 (T31), FX-1002 (T35), FX-1003 (T38)
400°C FX-1001 (T31), FX-1002 (T35), FX-1003 (T38)
450°C FX-1001 (T31) only

Check out FX-1001 tips (T31), FX-1002 tips (T35) and FX-1003 (T38)!

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