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FX-9702 N2 Soldering Iron / Conversion Kit

FX-9702 N2 Soldering Iron / Conversion Kit

*Soldering Tip NOT included

N2 Soldering Iron for FX-971. Has 95W of power with an ergonomic design and a sleep sensor built directly into the iron.

The conversion kit comes with a fully redesigned FH-215 Iron Holder to support the handpiece with a new receptacle piece, extra tip storage, easily removable back as well as a cleaning sponge and brass wire.

Applicable Models
Packing List
Iron Only
Soldering Iron* FX-9702
Instruction Manual -
Conversion Kit
Soldering Iron* FX-9702
Iron Holder FH-215
Cleaning Wire
Cleaning Sponge A5038
Instruction Manual -

*Soldering Tip and Station NOT included


FX-9701 / FX-9702 Soldering Iron

  • Soldering Tip Series: T39
  • Iron Holder: FH215-81
  • Power Consumption: 95W (24V)
  • Temperature Range: 50 - 450 °C
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip/Nozzle to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating Element: Composite Heater
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • FX-9701 - Total Length: 206 mm (with 2.4D tip)
  • FX-9701 - Weight: 31g (with 2.4D tip)
  • FX-9702 - Total Length: 227 mm (with 2.4D tip)
  • FX-9702 - Weight: 49g (with 2.4D tip, nozzle assembly D)
Required Equipment for N2 System
Part No Product Name
FX-971 / FX-972 Soldering Station
N2 Soldering Iron
Soldering Tip
T39 Nozzle Assembly
T50 Nozzle Assembly
Nozzle Assembly
FX-780 / FX-781 N2 Generator
FX-791 N2 Flowmeter
- Other Equipment*

*Required regulator, filters, compressors etc are not available in Hakko's product line. It needs to be purchased separately. 

Soldering Tip

T39 (not included, sold separately)
Nozzle Assembly (not included, sold separately)

For an N2 System, a nozzle assembly is required for the soldering iron to function. 
Both the Tip and the Nozzle Assemblies are sold separately. 

Tip Nozzle Assembly
  • T39-K / KF
B5290 (A)
  • T39-D4 / D52
  • T39-KL / KR
  • T39-BCR4 / BCR52
  • T39-DR52
B5291 (B)
  • T39-B07
  • T39-DS24 / DS32 / DS4 / DS52
B5292 (C)
  • T39-D24 / D32
  • T39-BCR1235
  • T39-DR24 / DR32 / DR4 
B5293 (D)
  • T39-BC3545 / BCF3545 / BCM3545
  • T39-C4055 / CF4055
  • T39-BCR32
B5294 (E)
  • T39-B02
  • T39-KU
B5295 (F)
  • T39-B05
  • T39-D08 / D12 / D16
  • T39-DR12 / DR16
B5296 (G)
  • T39-BC2535 / BCF2535 / BCM2535
  • T39-BCR24
B5297 (H)
  • T39-BLL02
  • T39-BC1020 / BCF1020
  • T39-J02
  • T39-BCR12 / BCR16
B5298 (I)
  • T39-C1020 / C1025
  • T39-I02
B5332 (J)
  • T39-BL02
  • T39-ILO2 / ILS015
B5333 (K)
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