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FX-9703 Micro Soldering Iron / Conversion Kit

FX-9703 Micro Soldering Iron / Conversion Kit

*Soldering Tip NOT included

Micro Soldering Iron for FX-971. Has 70W of power with an ergonomic design and a sleep sensor built directly into the iron.

Ready to use in 3 seconds after power on. Best-suited for micro soldering under a microscope.

Very slim, super-light, and unsurpassed handling ability with a short length of 27 mm from the tip head to the handle and narrow cable of 3.6 mm outer diameter. Holding it just like a pen, you can approach fine components precisely and quickly.

The conversion kit comes with a fully redesigned FH-215 Iron Holder to support the handpiece with a new receptacle piece, extra tip storage, easily removable back as well as a cleaning sponge and brass wire.

Applicable Models
Packing List
Iron Only
Soldering Iron* FX-9703
Instruction Manual -
Conversion Kit
Soldering Iron* FX-9703
Iron Holder FH-215
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Sponge A5038
Instruction Manual -

*Soldering Tip and Station NOT included


    FX-9703 / FX-9704 Soldering Iron

    • Soldering Tip Series: T50
    • Iron Holder: FH215-811
    • Power Consumption: 70W (24V)
    • Temperature Range: 50 - 450 °C
    • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
    • Tip/Nozzle to ground potential: <2mV
    • Heating Element: Composite Heater
    • Cord length: 1.2m
    • FX-9703 - Total Length: 174 mm (with 1D tip)
    • FX-9703 - Weight: 15g (with 1D tip)
    • FX-9704 - Total Length: 196 mm (with 1D tip)
    • FX-9704 - Weight: 35g (with 1D tip, Nozzle Assembly A)
    Soldering Tip

    T50 (not included, sold separately)

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