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FR701-67 Repair System 230V

FR701-67 Repair System 230V

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  • Powerful Rework Station
  • Safer and more secure rework operation
  • with upgraded soldering and desoldering tools
  • 2-in-1 unit for space saving
  • Compatible with N2 system by purchasing N2 iron (FX-8802) as an optional accessory

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Tips Nozzles
T18 Series N61 Series

Dual function rework station with FR-4103, 140W high power desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 2-in-1 unit for space saving.

6 applications for a variety of soldering and desoldering works

  • Besides FR-4103, 140W desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 4 more applications are compatible with FR-701.
  • Tips (T18 and T19 series) and nozzles (N61 series) deliver excellent cost efficiency.

High-power Desoldering gun HAKKO FR-4103

  • Increasing the power to 140 W from 50 W of our previous models (HAKKO 474・475), it can make it easy to desolder on multi-layer PWB which was never an easy job, and it can also shorten the process time.
  • A wide selection of nozzle, with the addition of new types, is available for a variety of desoldering works.
    • Long type nozzles for narrow space
    • Oval shape nozzles for flat terminals
    • SS type nozzles for micro land-patterns

Soldering iron HAKKO FX-8801/FX-8805

  • Thermal conductivity has been increased by reviewing external configuration and internal structure of 900 tip series.

N2 soldering iron HAKKO FX-8802

  • The N2 gas runs into the nozzle assembly and covers over the soldering tip.
  • It prevents the soldering tip and the heater from being readily oxidized and performs great role as a preheating.
  • Two effects of N2 system, preventing oxidation or preheating effect, can improve soldering defects such as bridging, protrusion icicle, insufficient solder filling in PTH, etc.

One-hand Manual-solder-feed iron HAKKO FX-8803 

  • Solder and feed with one hand
  • Feed a set amount of solder with one hand
  • Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing.
  • Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator.
  • T18 tips series are compatible with this application.

SMD Hot Tweezer HAKKO FX-8804 

  • Direct heating—less influence upon surrounding components on crowded boards.
  • Easily removes SMD chips and flat packages up to 25mm.
  • The collet allows easy replacement and alignment of the tips.

Model No. FR-701(Desoldering tool: FR-4103)

Power consumption: 260W



  • Dimensions: 190(W)×140(H)×220(D)mm
  • Weight: 6.2kg

 Station (Soldering)

  • Output voltage: AC 26V
  • Temperature range: 50 to 480ºC
  • Temperature stability: ±1ºC at idle temperature (When set to 200 to 480ºC)

Station (Desoldering)

  • Output voltage: AC 24V
  • Vacuum generator: Vacuum pump, double cylinder type
  • Vacuum pressure: 80kPa (600mmHg)
  • Suction flow: 15L/min.
  • Temperature range: 330 to 450ºC
  • Temperature stability: ±5ºC at idle temperature

 Soldering iron

  • Power consumption: 65W (26V)
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating element: Ceramic heater
  • Standard tip: Shape-B (No.T18-B)
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Total length: 222mm (with B tip)
  • Weight: 52g (with B tip)

Desoldering Gun

  • Power consumption: 140W (24V)
  • Nozzle to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Nozzle to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating element: Composite heater
  • Standard nozzle: Φ1.0mm S type (No.N61-05)
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Total length: 168mm (with Φ1.0mm S type nozzle)
  • Weight: 190g (with Φ1.0mm S type nozzle)

* The suction flow is measured at the filter case suction port of station.
* Total length and weight (w/o cord, hose)


Soldering Tip

T18 Series
Shape BC/C
  • T18-C05 Shape-0.5C
  • T18-C1 Shape-1C
  • T18-C08 Shape-0.8C
  • T18-C2 Shape-2C
  • T18-C3 Shape-3C
  • T18-C4 Shape-4C
  • T18-C4 Shape-5C
  • T18-CF1 Shape-1C
  • T18-CF15 Shape-1.5C
  • T18-CF2 Shape-2C
  • T18-CF3 Shape-3C
  • T18-CF4 Shape-4C
  • T18-CSF25 Shape-2.5CS
  • T18-S6 Shape-S6
Shape B
  • T18-B
  • T18-BL
  • T18-S4
  • T18-SB
Shape D
  • T18-D08 Shape-0.8D
  • T18-D12 Shape-1.2D
  • T18-D16 Shape-1.6D
  • T18-D24 Shape-2.4D
  • T18-D32 Shape-3.2D
  • T18-DL12 Shape-1.2DL
  • T18-DL2 Shape-2DL
  • T18-DL32 Shape-3.2DL
  • T18-S3 Shape-S3
  • T18-S9 Shape-S9
Shape I
  • T18-I Shape-I
Shape J
  • T18-BR02 Shape-02BR
Shape K
  • T18-K Shape-K
N61 Series
SS Type
  • N61-01
  • N61-02
  • N61-03
S Type
  • N61-04
  • N61-05
  • N61-06
Standard Type
  • N61-07
  • N61-08
  • N61-09
  • N61-10
Long Type
  • N61-11
  • N61-12
  • N61-13
  • N61-14
Oval Type
  • N61-15
  • N61-16
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