FX-8803 Soldering Iron 230V - Hakko Products Pte Ltd
FX-8803 Soldering Iron 230V - Hakko Products Pte Ltd

FX-8803 Soldering Iron 230V

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  • One-hand manual-solder-feed iron designed exclusively for HAKKO FX-888D, FX-889, FR-701 and FR-702
  • Manual system allows solder to be fed only when needed.

Solder and feed with one hand

  • Can be used with HAKKO FX-888D, FX-889, FR-701 or FR-702 soldering station.
  • Can be used with FX-888 (Discontinued model)
  • Feed a set amount of solder with one hand.
  • Perform two actions at the same time with one hand.

Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing

  • Manual system ensures solder can only be fed when working
  • Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator
Other Features
  • Extensive lineup of tips
  • Anti-static specifications
  • Packing List: Soldering gun, instruction manual, Standard tip: T18-CF3 (Shape 3C, cut surface only)
  • Power consumption: 65W (26V)
  • Temperature range: 50 to 480ºC
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating element: Ceramic heater
  • Standard tip: Shape-3CF (No.T18-CF3)
  • Guide nozzle: Φ1.0mm (Option except Φ1.0mm guide nozzle)
  • Usable solder diameter: Φ0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
  • Cord length: 1.1m
  • Dimensions: 170(W)×180(H)×23(D)mm (with 3C tip)
  • Weight: 207g (with 3C tip), excludes cord
Please refer to the User Manual for detailed specifications.

Soldering Tips

T18 Series: Shape BC/C, Shape B, Shape D, Shape I, Shape K

Replacement Parts

Part Number Product Name
A1560 Heating Element (65W, 26V)
B1785 Nut
B2022 Nipple
B2652 Guide Nozzle, 0.6mm ESD
B2653 Guide Nozzle, 0.8mm ESD
B2654 Guide Nozzle, 1.0mm ESD
B2655 Guide Nozzle, 1.2mm ESD 
B2656 Guide Nozzle, 1.6mm ESD
B3469 Enclosure Pipe

Optional Parts

 Part Number Product Name
C1437 Iron Holder (for 951, 952, 958, 959 (Discontinued) and FX-8803
A1042 Cleaning Sponge