HAKKO FX-971 / FX-972 - A whole new level of Soldering

Changes in electronics and its environment creates new challenges for user and manufacturers alike. At Hakko, we have been working closely with end-users to solve problems and meet the needs of soldering all over the world. 

Now, the "standard" of soldering is evolving, and we at Hakko, are changing too. 

Take a look at the future of soldering with the brand new Hakko FX-971 and FX-972 - The Next Generation of Soldering Stations with Precision and Innovation.

Our Product History

Hakko 940B

Hakko 942 FM202

Hakko FX-951 FM203


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Hakko FX-971 And Accessories

  1. FX-971 100W 1-port station
  2. FX-9701 Soldering iron
  3. FX-9702 N₂ soldering iron
  4. FX-9703 Micro soldering iron
  5. FX-9704 Micro N₂ soldering iron
  6. FX-972 200W 2-port station
  7. FX-9705 Hot tweezers
  8. FX-9706 Micro hot tweezers
  9. FX-9707 Heavy-duty soldering iron
  10. FX-9708 Heavy-duty N₂ soldering iron

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